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America Driving School
America Driving School first opened its doors on October 15, 1992 and has been responsible for providing outstanding customer service ever since. Our specialty is in the area of Behind The Wheel Training for Teens, Adults & Seniors and Driver Education. Our regular repeat customers and word of mouth referrals particularly value our long established excellence for friendly courteous service with integrity. We offer classes for new drivers as well as instructional sessions including safety regulations, traffic laws, defensive driving tactics, and crash prevention learning. America Driving School is dedicated to improving driver safety through education. Our instructors possess expert driving training including knowledge of all traffic laws, roadway signs, etc. We teach and help you to pass any written driver tests. WE HAVE A 99% PASSING RATIO ON PERMIT TEST!. Our courses cover driving safety topics such as weather conditions, passenger safety, pedestrian safety, and defensive driving.  
714-505-3427, 714-505-3427
215 W. First St. Suite 212
America Driving School (

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