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Help & FAQ

Search using City, State or Zip code

  • On the Directory front page go to "Advanced Search"
  • Select a Category
  • In the appropriate fields type a city and/or state, zip.
  • Click the "go" button.

For example, you could enter "Los Angeles" and "CA" for your city and state and select "Restaurant" from categories. This would give you an alphabetical listing of restaurants in Los Angels.


Search for businesses by name or address

  • Use the search function provided in the top portion of every page
  • Type in a "business name" 
  • Select the appropriate category or simply use "Search Entire Site" .
  • Click the "Search" button.


Adding your business to PersianCity

You can list your business in for free. Just click on "Submit a Business" and fill out the form. After review of your listing by site administrators you listings would be added in our database.



Browsing categories

You can browse through the list of Yellow Page Categories. For example, if you click on "Automobiles," you can browse this top-level category to find dealers, repair and service, motorcycles, etc.