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Borani Esfanaaj   برانی اسفناج  
Description: fried spinach with yogurt, onions, and garlic

Ghalieh Esfanaaj    قلیه‌ اسفناج  
Description: with ground meat, split-peas, lentils, spinach, mint and kashk (thick whey)

Haleem Baadenjaan   حلیم بادمجان  
Description: with eggplants, kashk (thick whey), meat, mint, and onions

Kashk-e Baadenjaan   کشک بادمجان  
Description: made with eggplants, kashk (thick whey), mint, and onions

Khaviar   خاویار  
Description: caviar with onion, lime juice, butter, and parsley

KooKoo-yeh Baadenjaan   کوکو بادنجان  
Description: with eggplants, eggs, onions, and saffron

KooKoo-yeh Morgh   کوکو مرغ  
Description: with chicken, eggs, onions, saffron, and lime juice

KooKoo-yeh Sabzi   کوکو سبزی  
Description: made with various herbs, eggs, and flour

KooKoo-yeh Seeb-Zamini   کوکو سیب زمینی  
Description: made with potatoes, and eggs

Mast-o-Khiar   ماست خيار  
Description: made with yogurt, cucumber, onions, mint, salt, and pepper

Recipes 1 - 10 of 16
11 to 20




سایت آشپزی ایرانی: آموزش انواع ترشیجات دسر شیرینی نوشیدنی و غذا های ایرانی و فرنگی