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Embarrassing scene by Iranian girl on Enrique Iglesias' concert stage (Video)

Nine hours ago

A girl calling herself Persian (from Iran) occupies the stage for a few minutes on Enrique Iglesias' concert in Toronto (9/29/2011). She presses herself against Iglesias and he sings to her and kisses her. Then her bra malfunction and shows off her breasts. Then she kneels and bows to him. Enrique said "stand up! this is not Iran this is Canada!" Many spectators booed and many cheered. It is unknown whether the girl was drunk or just acting in coordination with the organizers.

Iglesias and his raunchy videos mostly depicting party scenes, alcohol and bare women, are said to have numerous fans in Islamic Republic Of Iran, particularly among young girls.

[ This is a summary of the original feature in Farsi. ]


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